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noah's has teamed up with Relic Sustainability for a new logo tee featuring a special new design of Long Island's own Blue Fish. Each purchase gives back to local aquaculture by planting oysters back in our bays.  Read on for more about this special partnership from Aiden Kravitz, artist and co-founder of Relic.


After discussion with Noah, it was clear that he and Relic overlapped in our appreciation of local ingredients, the people who grow and harvest them, and the health of our waters.


Like Noah's does with food, I wanted to create a design that gives people a new perspective on something familiar. Everyone has heard of striped bass, but if you've gone saltwater fishing on Long Island - there's a good chance you've caught a bluefish. But, it's a lot less likely that you kept and ate it. Many disregard bluefish as undesirable on the plate, however, those who have taken the time to experiment with the often underappreciated bluefish have found that they can be just as delicious as the other species our waters are known for. When hearing Noah's story and attitude toward locally sourced food, the bluefish came to mind - a widely known local catch that, when given the time and appreciation, can be a local gem. 


Relic is an apparel brand focused on giving back the ocean. Started by two brothers who were concerned with the declining water quality in their local bay, Relic helps to plant 5 oysters back into the bay for every item sold. Their work has planted tens of thousands of oysters that create new habitats for sea life and filter millions of gallons of bay water daily. Relic believes that only by coming together, can we make the impact needed to keep our oceans safe and usable for future generations. 



noah's x Relic Sustainability L/S Logo Tee

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